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Global Database on Body Mass Index (WHO)
*This database provides both national and sub-national adult underweight, overweight and obesity prevalence rates by country, year of survey and gender. The information is presented interactively as maps, tables, graphs and downloadable documents.

Hunger Notes
*An online publication of the World Hunger Education Service (WHES): Global, Africa, Aisa, Nutrition, Health & Population, Lean more about Hunger, Help reduce Hunger...

Cereal Knowledge Bank (IRRI)
, Rice, Maize, Wheat
*Informationen des International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). Extension Methods, Training Materials, Research Materials, Country Knowledge Banks: Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam...

State of Food Insecurity in the World (SOFI Reports)
*Die jährlichen Berichte der FAO zur weltweiten Ernährungslage. Depth of hunger: How hungry are the hungry? Estimates and projections of hunger, Food deprivation: prevalence and depth of hunger...

World Food Programme (WFP), United Nations Rome
*Nebenorgan der UN zur Nahrungsmittelversorgung in Kriegs- und Katastrophengebieten. Das Programm ist die weltweit größte und leistungsfähigste Einrichtung zur Versorgung von Notopfern; zudem führt sie zahlreiche Entwicklungsprojekte durch. Interactive Hunger Map, Counting the Hungry, Using food aid, How to help, Appeals...

, WhyHunger
*American NGO finding answers for hunger and poverty at the grassroots level. Programs, Resources, News, Get involved, About Why...

*Annotationen von Peter Schatzl